About Us

This is Miranda Compliance

Protecting our clients and offering services of high-quality standards is one of our main objectives. Miranda Compliance (MC) advises robust Compliance & AML programs, which will mitigate our clients´s exposure to fines and sanctions from regulators and will provide recommendations to strengthen the internal control environment.

Target Market

  • Investment Advisors, Advisory Offices.
  • Notary publics.
  • Companies with strong compliance needs (ie: insurance, energy, pharmaceutical).
  • Banks and Broker Dealers for special projects.

Value Proposition - Why Miranda Compliance?

  • Expertise in the financial sector services.
  • Tailor made solutions.
  • Provide strong Compliance programs.
  • Implementation of global models.
  • Risk mitigation for your company.

For additional information download our corporate presentation:

Do you need help?

We analyze each project to offer unique customized solutions.