Our Services

Specially designed to adapt to each company’s unique needs.


  • Development of manuals and policies to implement a robust AML program.
  • Compliance Officer services.
  • Delivering reports to the Regulators.


  • Development of Know Your Customer policies.
  • In-depth analysis of individuals, companies and investors in order to detect potential risks.
  • Detailed background check analysis of employees, directors and senior members in order to detect potential risks.
  •  M&A enhanced due diligence


  • Development of Conduct & Ethics manual for your corporation.
  • Development of internal corporate policies (ie: conflict of interest, Information security, Privacy, Sales practices).
  • Design a monitoring programs to test Compliance with regulations.
  • Advisory in the implementation of new regulatory requirements.


  • Online and classroom trainings.
  • Specialized training for Senior Members.
  • Training for trainers.
  • Training of several topics such as: AML, Sanctions, Corruption, Code of Conduct, Sales Practices, Data protection, Conflict of Interest, among others.


  • Independent AML Audit review.
  • Assurance reviews of several topics, such as: customer file testing, conduct & ethics, sales practices, among others.
  • Compliance status diagnostic for your corporation.


  • Attention of regulatory letters.
  • Attention of inspection visits from Regulators.
  • Authorization of the regulator for outsourcing services.

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